A Fixed Ops Guide to Beating COVID-19

Dealer-FX Fixed Ops Guide

When times are tough, resilient dealers rely on fixed operations to get them through. It’s a fundamental precept of our business and one we all know well. Through war, terrorist attacks, and market collapse, fixed ops have kept the lights on and the automotive industry thriving.

But this is different. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we’re facing an invisible enemy that’s causing the world and the automotive industry tremendous uncertainty. Ask any dealer, manager, or employee what their biggest worry is (next to health and safety) and you will likely hear them reflect on the anxiety of the unknown. Many are asking, “What am I going to do to prepare myself, my coworkers, and my dealership to survive this crisis? How should I prepare for the days, weeks, and months ahead?”

Right now, it’s not about success — but rather survival. Dealers want to stay open; service and parts personnel want to protect their health and their jobs, and customers are concerned with their safety and being able to provide for their families.

Download the Fixed Ops Guide

This guide was developed using best practices and practical applications from a group of professionals with over a century of experience in the retail automotive space.

The guide will go into detail about how to develop and implement specific initiatives.

  • Leadership Best Practices
  • Fixed Ops COVID-19 Checklists
  • Ideas to Build Service Revenue Right Now


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